Eucalyptus Citrus Garland 6'

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SKU: R-CW10086

Enjoy the fragrance of mixed eucalyptus with the added touches of tallow berries, orange slices, and whole slit oranges. The combination makes a wonderful garland to celebrate the fall & holiday seasons and to liven up any room or office.

Our winter garlands are handmade to order with fresh ingredients. This item is available beginning in mid September through May (weather permitting). You can place your order now and once in the cart, write us a note telling us when you’d like the garland shipped. If you’d like the garland fresh for an event or party, please let us know so we can ship it accordingly. Once in season, garlands ship within 1 to 3 business days throughout the United States.

6′ long

Caring For Your Items

All Wreaths, Garlands, Centerpieces, and Swags are intended to be hung or displayed indoors away from direct sunlight and or heat sources, or in a sheltered area where protected from extreme elements such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, humidity.

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