Fall & Thanksgiving Wreaths

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Classic Wreath Subscription

Timeless, fresh and dried wreaths for each season

Fresh and Fragrant Wreath

Eucalyptus, bay, quince slices, peppers, sweet Annie, leaves, wheat & willow wreath 16"/18"/22"
From $69.00

Seasonal Wreath Subscription

Fresh, dried, and fragrant wreaths for each season

Fresh and Fragrant Anniversary Edition Wreath 30"

Beautiful eucalyptus & bay with dried quince, wheat, peppers, annie, leaves & willow wreath 30"

Magnolia Quince Wreath

Gorgeous magnolia, dried quince, orange, cinnamon sticks & dried flowers wreath 20"

Fall Abundant Wreath

Stunning fall leaves, herbs, dried artichokes, pine cones & tansy wreath 18"/22"
From $74.00

Magnolia Pine Cone Wreath

Lovely magnolia, preserved fall leaves and pine cones wreath 22"

Pumpkin Autumn Wreath

Beautiful combination of spiral eucalyptus, broom corn, fall leaves & faux pumpkins wreath 20"/26"
From $79.00

Classic Fall Wreath

Subtle greenery & eucalyptus with pine cones, statice, broom corn, berries & pods wreath 18"/ 22"
From $74.00

Fall Lantern Wreath

Herbs, broom corn, & wheat with pops of color from lanterns, yarrow & safflower wreath 20"/26"
From $79.00

Magnolia Lantern Wreath

Beautiful magnolia, savory & Japanese lanterns with pods, grasses & wheat wreath 20"

Fall Branch Wreath

Fall leaves, pine cones & natural berries wreath 20"

Olive and Eucalyptus Wreath

Beautifully handmade with fresh olive, eucalyptus and sorghum wreath 22"or 26"
From $89.00

Autumn Harvest Wreath

Gorgeous yarrow, pine cones, broom corn, wheat, sweet Annie, flax & leaves wreath 18"

Magnolia Gourd Wreath

Fresh magnolia & eucalyptus with dried wheat, pine cones & natural gourds wreath 20"/22"
From $79.00

Fragrant Pod Wreath

Beautiful fresh eucalyptus & fir adorned with dried flowers wreath 20"/22"
From $79.00

Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath

Handmade with fresh mixed eucalyptus wreath 22" or 26"
From $89.00

Fall Quince Wreath

Vibrant blend of sweet Annie, savory, broom corn, quince, lotus pods, chiles & yarrow wreath 18"

Citrus Harvest Wreath

Stunning fresh eucalyptus & salal with citrus slices, pine cones, broom corn & leaves wreath 22"

Apple Quince Wreath

Lovely eucalyptus, salal, juniper, quince, artemisia, berries, willow, pine cones & annie wreath 22"

Autumn Citrus and Grains Wreath

Array of natural grasses with colorful cut oranges, safflower, quince slices & lanterns wreath 18"