Classic Wreaths

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Lacy Oregano Wreath

Elegant combination of oreganos, lacy moss, integrafolia, & bay on a twig base wreath 18"

Classic Herb Wreath

Fragrant dried marjoram, savory, sage, lavender, Oregano and fresh bay wreath 18"

Eucalyptus and Marjoram Wreath

Beautiful combination of sweet marjoram, fresh eucalyptus and white statice wreath 20"

Lavender Wreath

Wonderfully fragrant dried natural lavender wreath 16"

Classic Wreath Subscription

Timeless, fresh and dried wreaths for each season 16"/16"/20"/20"

French Herb Wreath

Artisan made with dried lavender, sage, savory, oregano and fresh bay wreath 16" or 20"
From $74.95

Rosemary and Lavender Wreath

Handmade with fresh rosemary and dried lavender fragrant wreath 16"

Kitchen Herb Wreath

Natural handmade with fresh bay and rosemary, dried savory, marjoram, sage, lavender wreath 15"

Woodland Tallow Berry Wreath

Natural & fragrant mix of fresh eucalyptus, pine & fir, dried tallow berries and pine cones wreath 22"

Simply Elegant Wreath

A beautiful combination of fresh fir and eucalyptus with elegant multi-sized ornaments wreath 22"

Classic Fall Wreath

Subtle greenery & eucalyptus with pine cones, statice, broom corn, berries & pods wreath 18"/ 22"
From $89.95

Magnolia Cedar Wreath

Fresh and Fragrant cedar and magnolia are handcrafted into this timeless wreath 22"

Remembrance Wreath

The circle of eternal life, made in honor of remembrance and love 16"/22"
From $69.95

Sympathy Wreath

Soft white tones, made with three delicate ingredients, artemisia, white statice and German statice 20"

Botanical Egg Wreath

Beautiful combination of fresh botanicals and dried herbs and flowers with realistic faux eggs wreath 18"

White Pumpkin Magnolia Wreath

A wonderful combination of fresh magnolia and broom corn with faux white pumpkins, berries and pine cones, elegant wreath 20 & 24"
From $99.95

Pine Cone and Berry Wreath

A beautiful combination of fresh greens, pine cones, natural moss and a touch of faux berries wreath 20"

White Winter Wreath

A stunning combination of fresh greens, pine cones, and white accents wreath 18" & 22"
From $89.95

Holiday Magnolia Wreath

Fresh Magnolia and seeded eucalyptus with orange and white accents wreath 18"/22"
From $89.95

Essential Wreath Subscription

Handmade with combinations of fresh eucalyptus and dried herbs wreaths for each season 16"/16"/20"/20"

Sentiments Wreath

Lush fresh wreath made with rosemary, eucalyptus, and boxwood and white blooms 18"/22"
From $89.95

Special Edition Wedding Wreath

Classic Wedding Wreath made with dried lavender, fresh rosemary and bay 14"/18"/22"
From $69.95