Large Wreaths - 26" and 30"

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Citrus Berry Wreath

Stunning fresh & fragrant greens, citrus slices, cinnamon, pine cones wreath 22"/26"
From $119.95

Fragrant Berries and Cones Wreath

Stunning fresh & fragrant eucalyptus, fir & salal with pepper berries & pine cones wreath 20"/26"
From $89.95

Magnolia Woodsy Wreath

Stunning magnolia & greens with tallow berries, pine cones & hints of blue wreath 20"/22"/26"
From $89.95

Winter Artichoke Wreath

Fresh eucalyptus & fir with artichokes, artemisia, grass & silver ornaments wreath 22"/26"
From $109.95

Special Edition Floral Wreath

Handmade with fresh greenery and dried flowers and herbs wreath 22"/26"
From $109.95

Olive and Eucalyptus Wreath

Beautifully handmade with fresh olive, fragrant eucalyptus and sorghum wreath 22"/26"
From $99.95

Fragrant Pod Wreath

Beautiful fresh eucalyptus & fir adorned with dried flowers, pods and berries wreath 20"/22"/26"
From $89.95

Fresh Winter Wreath

Fresh salal, cedar & boxwood with pine cones, larkspur, berries & wired bow wreath 16"/18"/26"
From $79.95

Autumn Colors Wreath

Vibrant blend of grains, herbs, fall leaves, and yarrow wreath 22"/26"
From $109.95

Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath

Handmade with fresh and fragrant mixed eucalyptus and wired ribbons wreath 22"/26"
From $99.95

Fall Lantern Wreath

Herbs, broom corn, bay and wheat with pops of color from lanterns & yarrow wreath 20"/26"
From $89.95

Fresh and Fragrant Anniversary Edition Wreath 30"

Beautiful combination of eucalyptus and dried quince, wheat, peppers, sweet annie, and fall leaves wreath 30"

Pumpkin Autumn Wreath

Beautiful combination of eucalyptus, broom corn, fall leaves & faux pumpkins wreath 20"/26"
From $89.95

Pumpkin Spice Wreath

Fall leaves, eucalyptus, pumpkins and cinnamon sticks wreath 20"/28"
From $99.95

Fall Inspirations Wreath

Vibrant blend of grains, herbs, fall leaves, and yarrow wreath 22"/26"
From $99.95

Grand Lavender Wreath

Newly harvested dried lavender fragrant wreath 20" or 26"
From $94.95

Pumpkins Galore Wreath

Fresh eucalyptus and salad, with bright vivid pumpkins and wheat wreath 20"