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Winter Artichoke Wreath

Fresh eucalyptus & fir with artichokes, artemisia, grass & silver ornaments wreath 22"/26"
From $109.95

Magnolia Woodsy Wreath

Stunning magnolia & greens with tallow berries, pine cones & hints of blue wreath 20"/22"/26"
From $89.95

Fragrant Pod Wreath

Beautiful fresh eucalyptus & fir adorned with dried flowers, pods and berries wreath 20"/22"/26"
From $89.95

Eucalyptus and Marjoram Wreath

Beautiful combination of sweet marjoram, fresh eucalyptus and white statice wreath 20"

Winter Radiance Wreath

Fresh eucalyptus, fir, oregonia & Salal, artemisia, achillia, pine cones & tallow berries 20"/22" wreath
From $89.95

Fresh Winter Garland 6'

Subtle blend of fresh salal, cedar & boxwood with pine cones, Larkspur & berries garland 6'

Fresh Rosemary and Olive Garland 6'

Subtle use of fresh rosemary and olive branches garland 6'

Magnolia Woodsy Garland 6'

Beautiful mix of fresh magnolia & greens with tallow berries, pine cones & hints of blue garland 6'

Fresh Winter Wreath

Fresh salal, cedar & boxwood with pine cones, larkspur, berries & wired bow wreath 16"/18"/26"
From $79.95

Blue Winter Wreath

Fresh Magnolia & juniper with cedar flower cones, blue thistle, pine cones and blue ribbon wreath 22"

Dried Lavender Bunches

Beautifully fragrant and hand harvested lavender bunches 20" Long

Lavender Heart Wreath

Dried lavender heart shaped wreath with wired off-white bow ribbon 15"

Mixed Eucalyptus Garland 6'

Beautiful assortment of fresh mixed eucalyptus garland 6'

Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath

Handmade with fresh and fragrant mixed eucalyptus and wired ribbons wreath 22"/26"
From $99.95

Winter Artichoke Garland 6'

A fragrant combination of fresh eucalyptus, featuring dried artichokes, artemisia, blue thistles, pine cones and silver ornaments garland 6'
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Lavender Home Trio Gift Set

Perfect for calming the mind and body. You and your guests will be relaxing in no time!

Winter Wonderland Wreath

Wonderful combination of fresh pine, fir and eucalyptus with silver and white ornaments, pine cones and silver bow wreath 18"/ 22"
From $89.95

Kitchen Herb Wreath

Natural handmade with fresh bay and rosemary, dried savory, marjoram, sage, lavender wreath 15"

Remembrance Wreath

The circle of eternal life, made in honor of remembrance and love 16"/22"
From $69.95