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Field of Zinnias Wreath

Beautiful combination of dried zinnias, lavender, strawflowers with salal and savory wreath 18"/22"
From $89.95

Sweet Meadow Wreath

Handmade with yarrow, strawflowers, herbs, and grasses dry, natural wreath 18" or 22"
From $89.95

Home Sweet Home Basket

A wonderful medley of bountiful florals basket

Butterfly Wreath

Welcome Spring with this vibrant and elegant butterfly wreath 20"

Pumpkin Spice Garland 6'

Perfect combination of fall leaves, fragrant eucalyptus, faux pumpkins and spicy cinnamon sticks garland 6'

Eucalyptus & Berries Freedom Wreath

Dried marjoram and fresh eucalyptus accented with metal stars and faux berries 18" wreath

Celebrate America Wreath

A wonderful combination of dried statice, faux berries and patriotic ribbon wreath 18"

Lavender Lover Gift Set

Lavender with a twist. If you are obsessed with lavender like us, this gift set is perfect for you!

Eucalyptus Lover Gift Set

A perfect combination of citrus and eucalyptus products that is not one to miss!

Coffee Lover Gift Set

The perfect gift set for our coffee addicts with a strawflower bouquet.

Dried Herbal Bouquet

Beautiful bouquet of fresh bay and dried herbs 18" tall

Dried Botanical Bouquet

Beautiful bouquet of bay, statices and ammobium 18" tall

Bountiful Wreath

A splendid combination of herbs and bright flowers make this cheerful wreath 18" or 22"
From $79.95
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Olive & Eucalyptus Garland 6'

Handmade with eucalyptus, olive and sorghum garland 6'

Fresh and Fragrant Garland 6'

Handmade with eucalyptus, cherry peppers, quince slices and wheat garland 6'

Autumn Citrus and Grains Wreath

Array of natural grasses with colorful cut oranges, safflower, quince slices & lanterns wreath 18"

Classic Herb Wreath

Fragrant dried marjoram, savory, sage, lavender, Oregano and fresh bay wreath 18"

Botanical Wreath

Dried strawflower, pods, globes, yarrow and mixed grasses wreath 20"

Woodland Tallow Berry Wreath

Natural & fragrant mix of fresh eucalyptus, pine & fir, dried tallow berries and pine cones wreath 22"

Fresh & Fragrant Bell Wreath

Classic mixture of fresh fir, cedar, and magnolia adorned with two metal bells wreath 22"

Magnolia Quince Wreath

Gorgeous magnolia, dried quince, orange, cinnamon sticks & dried flowers wreath 20"

Autumn Harvest Wreath

Gorgeous yarrow, pine cones, broom corn, grains, sweet Annie & leaves dried wreath 18"

Misc Charge

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Classic Fall Wreath

Subtle greenery & eucalyptus with pine cones, statice, broom corn, berries & pods wreath 18"/ 22"
From $79.95

Pearl Wreath

Classic everlasting white strawflowers and herbs wreath 16" or 22"
From $69.95

Fresh Olive and Salal Garland 6'

Lovely mix of olive branches and salal garland 6'

Fresh Willow, Salal and Rosemary Garland 6'

Fragrant blend of eucalyptus, rosemary and salal garland 6'

Fresh Rosemary and Olive Garland 6'

Subtle use of fresh rosemary and olive branches garland 6'

Floral Abundance Wreath

Vibrant mix of dried flowers including strawflowers, nigella, and statice wreath 18"

Lemon Floral Wreath

Vibrant strawflowers, marjoram, savory, orange slices & statice w/ bay & faux lemons wreath 18"

Eucalyptus and Marjoram Wreath

Beautiful combination of sweet marjoram, fresh eucalyptus and white statice wreath 20"

Mixed Eucalyptus & Pepperberry Centerpiece

Beautiful mixed eucalyptus, bay and pepper berries centerpiece 23"x10"

Mixed Eucalyptus and Pepperberry Wreath

Handmade with fresh mixed eucalyptus and pepperberries wreath 22" or 30"
From $99.95

Eucalyptus Citrus Wreath

Fresh mixed eucalyptus with tallow berries, orange slices and whole slit oranges wreath 20"

Magnolia Elegance Wreath

Mixture of eucalyptus, fir with gilded pine cones, cinnamon sticks & gold bow wreath 18"

Classic Ornament Wreath

A unique combination of silver and gold ornaments and pine cones are tucked into a Christmas greens wreath 22"