Regular Wreaths

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Autumn Splendor Wreath

Autumn wreath made with quality faux pumpkins, wooden elements and fall leaves 18" & 22"
From $89.95

Enchanting Halloween Wreath

Halloween wreath made with pumpkins, orange and black berries, fall leaves and finished with a bold Halloween ribbon 22"

Pumpkins Galore Wreath

Fresh eucalyptus and salad, with bright vivid pumpkins and wheat wreath 20"

Creepy Halloween Wreath

Spooky Halloween wreath with spiders, bats and black berries on a ghostly artemisia base wreath 20"

White Pumpkin Magnolia Garland 6'

Beautiful mix of fresh magnolia & grains with faux white pumpkins, pine cones & wooden sunflowers garland 6'

White Pumpkin Magnolia Wreath

A wonderful combination of fresh magnolia and broom corn with faux white pumpkins, berries and pine cones, elegant wreath 20 & 24"
From $99.95

Sunflower Lavender Wreath

Handmade with dried lavender, sunflowers and strawflowers with fresh bay wreath 16" or 20"
From $74.95

Summer Floral Wreath

All natural wreath with vibrant strawflowers, marjoram and fresh bay on twig base wreath 16"
From $79.95

Grand Lavender Wreath

Newly harvested dried lavender fragrant wreath 20" or 26"
From $94.95

Independence Day Wreath

Herbal wreath with bold red, white and blue flowers 16"

Earth Day Botanical Wreath

Handmade with tansy, strawflowers, herbs, and grasses dry, natural wreath 18" or 22"
From $89.95

Floral Sweet Wreath

Lovely combination of dried herbs, strawflowers, statice, globe amaranth, fresh bay wreath 18"

Winter Wonderland Wreath

Wonderful combination of fresh pine, fir and eucalyptus with silver and white ornaments, pine cones and silver bow wreath 18"/ 22"
From $89.95

Magnolia and Fir Garland 6'

Beautiful mix of fresh magnolia & fir with pine cones, faux berries & pomegranates garland 6'

Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath

Handmade with fresh and fragrant mixed eucalyptus and wired ribbons wreath 22"/26"
From $99.95

Happy Fall Wreath

Marigolds galore wreath on a sturdy twig base 22"
From $99.95

Spooky Halloween Wreath

A spooky combination of natural and faux elements wreath 18"

Berry Halloween Wreath

Less is more with our berry Halloween wreath 22"

Halloween Witches Brew Wreath

Festive Halloween wreath with herbs, salal and faux accents 19""

Remembrance Wreath

The circle of eternal life, made in honor of remembrance and love 16"/22"
From $69.95

Sympathy Wreath

Soft white tones, made with three delicate ingredients, artemisia, white statice and German statice 20"

Wheat and Grains Wreath

Natural grasses and grains make this soothing wreath 22"

Rainbow Wreath

Cheerful and colorful flowers and herbs with fresh boxwood wreath 16"

Dad's Gift Set

Fresh rosemary bundle, BBQ mitts, soy candle, soaps and lip balm gift set

Ceramic Urns Pot Set

Crackled glaze ceramic urn pots, succulents not included. Set of 3

Pumpkin Spice Garland 6'

Perfect combination of fall leaves, fragrant eucalyptus, faux pumpkins and spicy cinnamon sticks garland 6'

Pumpkin Spice Wreath

Fall leaves, eucalyptus, pumpkins and cinnamon sticks wreath 20"/28"
From $99.95

Pride Celebration Wreath

Beautiful combination of bright and vibrant flowers and herbs with wired rainbow ribbon wreath 18"

Lavender Lover Gift Set

Lavender with a twist. If you are obsessed with lavender like us, this gift set is perfect for you!

Fruit and Eucalyptus Lover Gift Set

The perfect combination of your childhood cereal and the fresh scent of eucalyptus!

Coffee Lover Gift Set

The perfect gift set for our coffee addicts with a strawflower bouquet.

Dried Meadow Bouquet

Beautiful bouquet of bay, statice and ammobium 21" tall

Dried Herbal Bouquet

Beautiful bouquet of fresh bay and dried herbs 18" tall

Floral Dried Bouquet

Sweet dried bouquet is made with lavender, statice and oregano 20" tall

Bountiful Wreath

A splendid combination of herbs and bright flowers make this cheerful wreath 18" or 22"
From $79.95

Elegant Heart Wreath

Sweet mix of dried herbs, red florals, and fresh bay heart wreath 15"