Lavender Lover Gift Set

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Our new Lavender Lover Gift Set includes a Lavender Vanilla Lotion, Lavender shower steamer, a Vanilla cake candle, and a dried lavender bunch.

Apply this all natural, light and completely vegan lotion directly on the skin for a moisture you can feel. After a long day, you deserve a relaxing shower! For a therapeutic experience, place the shower steamer anywhere on the shower floor and take deep breaths to take in all the essential oils of Lavender filling your shower. This 100% soy vanilla cake candle is nothing like your average vanilla birthday cake. The smell will have your guests thinking you are baking something amazing in the kitchen!

This gift set includes a 16" dry Lavender bunch that is grown on our family farm and has been harvested by hand. It can be displayed in a vase or as décor anywhere in your home or office. It will fill any space with fragrance!

Lavender with a twist. If you are obsessed with lavender like us, this combination is perfect for you!

Caring For Your Items

All Wreaths, Garlands, Centerpieces, and Swags are intended to be hung or displayed indoors away from direct sunlight and or heat sources, or in a sheltered area where protected from extreme elements such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, humidity.

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