Summer Solstice 2023

This year the Summer Solstice occurs on June 21, 2023 the day the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and gives us our longest day of the year. Here at Creekside Farms, we are getting almost 15 hours of daylight that will be well received by all of our plants. We’ve had lots of foggy mornings this June, so happy to see the abundance of wonderful rays today.

Fun Facts

It is interesting to note that the meaning of Summer Solstice is “Summer sun standing still.” The term originated from two Latin words: “sol” for sun and sistere which means “to stand still”.

The Summer Solstice is the moment when the sun is positioned the farthest north from the celestial equator.

For the first six months of the year, the sun appears to head due north. Today, at the moment of the Solstice, the sun appears to stop momentarily and then change its course and begin to head south. It will continue on this course for the next six months, until the next solstice when it will stop again, at the lowest point below the equator, and head north. This marks the beginning of winter, and the shortest day of the year. For more scientific information, visit

Some Folklore about the Summer Solstice

Throughout history people believed that evil spirits would appear on the summer solstice. To ward off those spirits, they would wear protective garlands of herbs and flowers, with one of the most powerful of these plants known as chase devil. At Creekside Farms we believe that beautiful summer wreaths brighten even the longest of days. You can choose from a variety of our summertime wreaths.

On a Happier Note

Historically, people also considered the summer solstice a “marriage of day and night.” Therefore, many couples wed in June due to its association with good fortune. The midsummer moon was called the Honey Moon and most ceremonies included the use of honey. Summertime is still considered the most popular wedding season, and Creekside Farms would love to help add doses of beauty and elegance to the happiest of occasions. Browse through our wedding page where you can choose among our classic wreaths, garlands, sachets and gift sets

 Enjoy the extra sunshine the Summer Solstice brings today!


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