Country/City – no problem

Two of Creekside Farms’ girls headed out of our small town at 5am a few Sundays ago to brave the bright lights of the big city.

We were on a mission…hunting and gathering; ideas, new wreath decorations, inspiration and lovely new inventory for our ever growing website and home store.

The Las Vegas International Gift Show 2016 was their “best yet” and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

The weather was just right…perfect for those moments when we walked across the promenade, making our way from building A to B to C and then to the Pavilions located about a 3 minute brisk walk away.

Each building was approximately 11 stories high, with each floor having  a minimum of 20 showrooms. Each showroom was stunning even if, side by side, they seemed to be coming from different worlds; there were some that shined and sparkled, some that were understated and elegant. While others screamed for attention with firework-like pops of color, we marched along – seeking only the ideal additions to continue to satisfy our passion for creating the perfect blend of nature and high-end home décor.

We left exhausted yet satisfied, our heads and bags (so many bags!!!) full of what we came for – ideas, inspirations and fun new additions for our store.

Needless to say, our workspace/studio has been HOPPING since we have returned. At this point, we are trying to keep up with ourselves and we are so looking forward to continue sharing with you.


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