Spring & Easter

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Spring Floral Nest

Spring flowers and faux eggs adorn a mossy vine nest 10"

Pink Berry Wreath

Dried Pepperberries and larkspur accent the bay and integrafolia wreath 18"

Spring Meadow Nest

Vibrant flowers and faux eggs enrich a mossy twig nest 11"

Berry Easter Wreath

Celebrate Easter with this bright festive wreath made with fresh eucalyptus, herbs and faux Easter Berries 18"

Spring Bunny Wreath

Dried flowers and moss are perfect accents to this bunny shaped wreath 17x8"

Botanical Egg Wreath

Beautiful combination of fresh botanicals and dried herbs and flowers with realistic faux eggs wreath 18"

Easter Meadows Wreath

Celebrate Easter with dried herbs and pretty flowers, sprinkled with realistic faux eggs 18"

Spring Heather Wreath

Made with fresh heather, rosemary and dried oregano, beautiful wreath 20"

Spring Fling Wreath

Mixture of Strawflowers, thistles, globes, larkspur, dill & fresh bay wreath 20"

Spring Egg Wreath

Classic spring wreath made with white florals, fresh green bay, and realistic neutral toned faux eggs 18"

Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath

Handmade with fresh and fragrant mixed eucalyptus and wired ribbons wreath 22"/26"
From $99.95

Botanical Wreath

Delightful combination of fresh greens and dried flowers wreath 18"

Rustic Easter Wreath

The perfect addition to your Easter decor 18"

Special Edition Floral Wreath

Handmade with fresh greenery and dried flowers and herbs wreath 22"/26"
From $109.95

Eucalyptus Pearl Wreath

Our classic Pearl Wreath with a gorgeous twist! Warmly decorated with white strawflowers on a bed of fresh eucalyptus wreath 16" & 20"
From $74.95

Floral Sweet Wreath

Lovely combination of dried herbs, strawflowers, statice, globe amaranth, fresh bay wreath 18"

Spring Awakening Wreath

Mixture of tansy, monarda, zinnias, sage, marjoram, statice & Larkspur wreath 16"

Sweet Spring Wreath

A timeless mix of neutral tones with pearls and wooden cream roses wreath 18"

Lemon Floral Wreath

Vibrant strawflowers, marjoram, savory, orange slices & statice w/ bay & faux lemons wreath 18"

Eucalyptus Floral Wreath

Fragrant eucalyptus and bay with dried zinnias, strawflowers and more wreath 16" & 20"
From $74.95

Lucky Charm Wreath

Bring in the holiday spirit of St. Patrick's Day with this fun and festive wreath 18"

Fresh Heather and Rosemary Wreath

For a limited time, enjoy fresh heather and fresh & fragrant rosemary wreath 16"

Sweet Pink Heart Wreath

Fragrant dried herbs and flowers make this wonderful heart wreath 15"

Burst of Flowers Wreath

Handmade with yarrow, strawflowers, globe amaranth and statice wreath 16" or 20"
From $74.95

Lucky Leprechaun Wreath

The perfect addition to your St. Patrick's Day decor fresh wreath 20"

Luck of the Irish Wreath

Welcome the month of March with this elegant and festive wreath 18"

Four Leaf Clover Wreath

Bring in the holiday spirit of St. Patrick's Day with this fun and festive wreath 18"

Lacy Oregano Wreath

Elegant combination of oreganos, lacy moss, integrafolia, & bay on a twig base wreath 18"

Seasonal Wreath Subscription

Fresh, dried, and fragrant wreaths for each season 18"/16"/18"/20"

Spiral Eucalyptus Bunches

Beautifully fresh and fragrant hand harvested eucalyptus bunches 26" Long Set of 2
From $29.95

Ceramic Urns Pot Set

Crackled glaze ceramic urn pots, succulents not included. Set of 3

Fruit and Eucalyptus Lover Gift Set

The perfect combination of your childhood cereal and the fresh scent of eucalyptus!

Hugs and Kisses Heart Wreath

Fresh and fragrant combination of eucalyptus with pink and purple florals heart wreath 20"

Classic Wreath Subscription

Timeless, fresh and dried wreaths for each season 16"/16"/20"/20"

Eucalyptus Lavender Shower Bundle

Beautifully fresh and fragrant eucalyptus & dried lavender shower bundle 20" Long, Set of 2

Grand Lavender Wreath

Newly harvested dried lavender fragrant wreath 20" or 26"
From $94.95
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