Spring & Easter

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Spring Fling Wreath

Mixture of Strawflowers, thistles, globes, larkspur, dill & fresh bay wreath 20"

Spring Awakening Wreath

Mixture of tansy, monarda, zinnias, sage, marjoram, statice & Larkspur wreath 16"

Burst of Flowers Wreath

Handmade with yarrow, strawflowers, globe amaranth and statice wreath 16" or 20"
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Egg Shaped Soap and Lavender Bud Set

Enjoy soothing lavender sachet bag and lavender & lemon verbena soaps

Fresh Heather & Oregano Wreath

For a limited time, enjoy fresh heather mixed with oregano wreath 16"

Lemon Floral Wreath

Vibrant marjoram, savory, strawflowers, orange slices & statice w/ bay & faux lemons wreath 18"

Floral Wreath