Celebrate Earth Day all Year Long

Earth Day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970. It has become a global effort to find ways to protect and promote the environment and ultimately, our Earth. With small changes to everyday choices and behaviors, each person can make a huge impact. The following are 15 simple things that can make a big difference!

Small Actions we Can all Do to Celebrate Earth Day Year Round - Cumulatively they Make a Major Impact

  1. Plant a tree, vegetable or flower garden
  2. Refill: Kick the bottled water habit
  3. Recycle: think before you trash it
  4. Skip the use of straws
  5. Use reusable bags
  6. Carpool and save fuel, park the car, walk or ride a bike
  7. Select Save instead of print, print double-sided
  8. Save one drop at a time: fix leaking faucets
  9. Use reusable coffee cups
  10. Reduce the load, power down and unplug
  11. Buy local and sustainable
  12. Detox the mailbox and stop junk mail
  13. Get outdoors and connect with the natural world
  14. Take the food waste challenge and reduce waste
  15. Participate in a local or ocean clean up

Here at Creekside Farms, we believe our all-natural, handcrafted wreaths represent the perfect nod to Earth Day. Grown on our family farm with no pesticides, the herbs and flowers used in our designs showcase the beautiful, natural flora and greenery of our area. All of our products are harvested by hand and naturally air-dried. We take full advantage of recycling efforts and are utilizing solar panels for the majority of our power.

There are over 1 billion people in 190+ countries that partake in coordinated efforts put forth by Check out their site to find additional ways you can make a difference.  


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