Bbq’ing vs Grilling

You may wonder why this subject has anything to do with Creekside Farms.


Cuz we’re people too.

And we love summer and everything that goes with it.

Regardless of your favorite use of the terms, they both are a summer staple and the end justifies the means (and the labels, descriptions, etc).

I know I’ve been guilty of saying that I bbq’d when really I was grilling or I grilled when in truth I had bbq’d.

Guilty may be too strong a word…..

But I did some research and was fascinated!

What exactly is the difference between grilling and bbq’ing?

This is what I gathered:


Direct heat. Open lid. High heat seals the juices in. Quick. Best for high quality cuts of meat so that the meat doesn’t get tough and dry.


Indirect heat. Closed lid. Lower heat, longer time. Can use lower quality meats and the “low and slow” method helps make the meat tender.  Infuses smoke (different “flavors” of wood is used).

This link has some great how-to’s and pictures that we found helpful and inspiring. Hope you do as well!

Obviously, we are biased, but this wreath just screams “it’s time to BBQ/Grill, Whatever!”.


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