Carol & Larry Umbarger

Carol and Larry

Larry and Carol are co-owners and founders of Creekside Farms. After moving the company into the new facility on Oak Ave, they both started thinking toward a future that involved retirement. Larry’s love of farming has kept him involved in the growing of all of the herbs and flowers. They have come full circle with the planting of the home ranch back into lavender. Carol is still involved in the day-to-day marketing and general planning but hopes to spend more time taking care of the 11 grandchildren they have been blessed with. Being able to have a business that involves their 3 sons and their families is a dream come true for Carol and Larry. Their daughter, Stacey, is the only one who has chosen a different path. She lives in San Diego with her husband, Tim, and their 3 children.

Allen Umbarger


Allen is general manager of Creekside Farms. After attending Santa Clara University and getting his teaching credential, he taught for several years in the Bay Area. After Teri and Allen were expecting their first child, they decided to try working in the company for a year. Their first child is now 22, and he has a younger brother, and they are all still here managing and growing the family business. Allen’s people skills are what keep the company running smoothly. He still utilizes his teaching skills by coaching youth sports, from soccer and little league to high school baseball.

Teri Umbarger


Teri is the driving force behind the company. Even though she has a degree in Human Biology from Stanford University, her creative and artistic skills are what have made Creekside Farms one of the leading innovators in floral design. Teri is the President and Director of Design & Product Development  for Creekside Farms but manages to have a hand in all areas of the business. Her organizational skills allow her to do all of this while volunteering in the community, even to the point of winning the Volunteer of the Year award at the local high school.

Aaron Umbarger


After attending school in Chico, Aaron joined the company in 1997. He is Shipping Manager for the company and is the one who makes sure all orders are shipped in a timely manner to the proper place. Aaron is also in charge of the accounts payable division of the company. Aaron, who is raising 3 young children, still manages to find time to coach youth sports. Growing up in a family that loves baseball, he has managed to pass this love of sports over to his children.

Scott Umbarger


Scott, the youngest in the family, came to work after graduating from Cal Poly in 2000 with the degree in Ag Business. He manages the farming operation for the company. During the holiday season, he can be found in all areas of the business, helping wherever he is needed. Scott has 3 very active boys. Scott has coached soccer and baseball since the boys began playing and is now in the process of teaching them to wake board.

Rodolfo Tapia


Rodolfo joined Creekside Farms in 1993 as a wreath maker. It was soon evident he had amazing management and organizational skills and has been the Foreman ever since. Along with Allen, he pretty much has a hand in all aspects of the operation. He manages a crew of amazing people who are the body and soul of Creekside Farms. He does all of this while raising a family, volunteering for PAL and running a boxing clinic for the youth of San Ardo and King City. He has helped hundreds of young people in the community to see the possibilities life has to offer them.

Hilda Gonzales

Hilda has worked for Creekside Farms since 1999. She is the Office Manager and Human Resources Director and is also in charge of Accounts Receivable. She keeps the office running smoothly and all paperwork in order. She adds to the family tradition since she is Teri’s sister. Hilda’s daughter, Jennifer, also works in the office between college classes.

Connie Bauer


Connie has worked for us since 2011. As our Corporate Sales Manager she stays busy connecting with businesses and sharing information about our Corporate Gifts Program. She comes to the company after a long history in the publishing business. She lives in King City and enjoys gardening and spending time with family and friends.

Sarah Canet Carvey


Sarah joined us in 2015 and has been a wonderful addition to our team. She brings lots of creative and artist talents. She is passionate about music and the arts, and she plays the violin and guitar. When she is not volunteering at her kids’ school or for local charity organizations, you can find her at local venues playing music with her dad and daughter, who are also exceptional musicians. Sarah’s exuberant personality and great organizational and people skills make her an asset to our team.