larry-catapillarIn the late 1980s, Larry and Carol Umbarger began growing flowers, and then ornamental and culinary herbs to help with college expenses for their 2 older children. This led to discovering a market for California Pepper berries, which ultimately led to a connection with Smith and Hawken, an upscale retailer of home and garden products. Smith and Hawken had a vendor who needed help meeting a deadline for their company. So the Umbargers dove right in, and that weekend learned how to make a wreath. They spent the next 3 weeks making 3,000 wreaths in their playroom.

Today, Creekside Farms provides quality products to many retail and e-commerce companies, having designed and offered numerous product variants to those companies in its 25-year history. Now, 3,000 wreaths are made in a matter of days, instead of weeks.

The business has grown considerably, with family at its core. Larry and Carol’s three sons and daughter-in-law now manage the business, with significant contributions coming from very long time and committed employees. Operations no longer exist at the family ranch, but instead now operate on a 20-acre farm in Greenfield, CA, complete with a 12,000 square foot manufacturing and office facility.

Thank you for your interest in Creekside Farms. We are very thankful for your visit! If you are in the Central Coast area of California and would like to visit the farm in person, we would be honored to have you as a guest. Please call us at 831-674-1234 or e-mail