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Here is your ticket to kick off each season with a beautiful, fragrant wreath for you or a loved one. Creekside Farms is now offering a wreath subscription program. When you purchase a wreath subscription, we will ship the first wreath within a week of your order and we will ship a new wreath for each season that follows. You only pay shipping for the first wreath, we ship the other three free!

Here is the shipping schedule:
Spring, the Pink Berry Wreath 16” will ship the second week in March through the first week in June.
Summer, the Lavender Herb Wreath 16” will ship the second week in June through the last week in August.
, the Autumn Harvest Wreath 18” will ship the second week in September through the second week of November.
Winter, the Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath 20” will ship the first week in December through the last week in January.

The Pink Berry Wreath 16″ is cheery and bright ~ Made with integrafolia, lepidium, bay, fern, pepper berries and larkspur. Ideal to celebrate the spring season and makes a wonderful Mother's Day gift.

We think the Lavender Herb Wreath 16″ says hello to summer. “Hand gathered and assembled on our family farm, this wreath is composed of dried marjoram, sage, lavender, chile de arbol, ammobium, and fresh bay, which give it a pleasant herbal scent.

Our Autumn Harvest Wreath 18″ is true to its name, bursting with fall colors that will take you from late summer into the holidays, helping you celebrate harvest festivals, Halloween parties and Thanksgiving. Dried yarrow, pine cones, broom corn, wheat, sweet annie, flax, and preserved fall leaves, are all artfully displayed on a fragrant, mixed herb base.

Our Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath 20″ will arrive just in time to help you decorate for the holidays and the soothing eucalyptus scent will be just what you need to set the right mood. This fragrant wreath combines a unique blend of eucalyptus branches that will work well in any room and freshen your home.

Caring For Your Items

All Wreaths, Garlands, Centerpieces, and Swags are intended to be hung or displayed indoors away from direct sunlight and or heat sources, or in a sheltered area where protected from extreme elements such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, humidity.

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