What we didn’t know about Mr. Love…

“Love Stinks” seems like the appropriate soundtrack to the legendary events of February 14th about 1,000 years ago. It turns out that tragedy had a hand in originating the now fluffed, candied, hearts and flowers holiday of today.

Claudius II, emperor of Rome during 270 AD was inclined to believe that marriage made men weak and that “love” was a distraction to the ultimate goal — fighting and winning wars. We don’t know if there was a personal reason for this opinion or whether or not he himself had an awful or distracting experience with love, but, being the Roman Emperor, he had the power to completely ban marriage and he did.

Some things in life, however, cannot be stopped by laws, opinions, bans, persecution or even the threat of death.

Love, Love, Love

St. Valentine became the Ambassador Of Love and began secretly performing marriage ceremonies for couples desperately in love. He was arrested once he was found out (did a disillusioned bride or groom tattle on him?) and imprisoned.

There are a few legendary tales describing the happenings thereafter, but the gist of the story is that St. Valentine wrote a note to a girl that had fallen in love with him during his time behind bars. He wrote it right before he was killed.  He signed it “From your Valentine”.

Good news is that Mr. Valentine has not been forgotten.  Not by a long shot. His sacrifice for love has been celebrated and has grown in popularity and significance over time.

At this point in time, those who choose not to celebrate it or who choose to ignore it or (*GASP*) forget about it are the persecuted ones and seem to be eligible for their own kind of imprisonment.

That being said, we are still enjoying creating new versions of hearts and flowers in celebration of Valentine’s Day – see below 🙂

Taking A Moment

“Life is not measured by the breaths you take but, by the moments that take your breath away”.

Perhaps a little preview of what is coming in the next few months – this rabbit caught Scott’s attention from his desk. We were able to snap a few pictures before we were spotted and the bunny got jumpy.

Don’t think some of us could stop ourselves from saying

when this little cottontail started washing its face in the shelter of our lavender.

Bring It On

The picture above was taken before the sky let loose yesterday and shared some of its bounty.

We enjoyed the show of wind and water from our front row seats.

Some of us had this song going through their head as a perfect soundtrack (wink wink). Click on the link below if you would like this song stuck in your head as well.

You’re welcome.

Bring On The Rain

Best Job Ever

This stunning sunset made us feel like writing down just a few of our blessings:

  • we have no need for “hang in there” posters (the cat in the tree…) because all we have to do is look up and out. Whether we are in our office or our warehouse, we are surrounded by incredible, expansive views.
  • we don’t have to decorate our desks with pictures of some of our family members, because we pass them a hundred times a day, open a door for them, discuss an order, walk the fields, stress over rain or bring them back a burrito if we are out of the office.
  • what we are surrounded with is what we grow and the land we grow it on – how cool is that?
  • hard work makes us the good kind of tired.
  • we couldn’t be sedentary if we tried.
  • it allllllllways smells good here.

Sunset from the office windows.


A Lickable Wreath

That isn’t a typo. We are aware that lickable is not a “real” word (there is a red line underneath it as I type); but Mr. Urban is apparently way more accepting than Mr. Webster, so it is at least in some sort of dictionary.

But this color! It’s all slushy/lollipop/sorbet/raspberry frosting/sweet tarty!

Here is the more realistic but not less exciting description:

It is Heather. Calluna vulgaris. From the Greek ‘Kallune’ meaning to clean or brush (twigs of heather were used to make brooms) and ‘vulgaris’ from the Latin word for common. It is the most prolific and abundant plant in Scotland and the flowers are a staple in Swedish herbal medicine.

Just in case you were wondering.

But please put brooms, medicine and made-up words (but maybe not Scotland) out of your mind and look at another picture of this little (14 inch) piece of art, this time the pallet is mixed with fragrant sprigs of rosemary.

family is work is family…

The type of work we do here is all integrated.

Our front entry way (pictured above) doubles as a drying area for our new pink roses, new herbs we may be trying out or other freshly cut product that needs more warmth than our back warehouse can provide.

Our offices and our design studio all share an open space. This table is a hub…our design space, and on some days, our conference table.

Being family owned and operated, this is our second home. And like being home, everyone wants to be here (on most days ;)).

The picture above is such a good example of what I am describing.  This is right above the desk where I am typing this. It is one of our handmade lavender wreaths, made from what we grow here, and a glimpse of a couple of the pictures of the kids/grandkids on the wall next to it.


Life is good.

Country/City – no problem

Two of Creekside Farms’ girls headed out of our small town at 5am a few Sundays ago to brave the bright lights of the big city.

We were on a mission…hunting and gathering; ideas, new wreath decorations, inspiration and lovely new inventory for our ever growing website and home store.

The Las Vegas International Gift Show 2016 was their “best yet” and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

The weather was just right…perfect for those moments when we walked across the promenade, making our way from building A to B to C and then to the Pavilions located about a 3 minute brisk walk away.

Each building was approximately 11 stories high, with each floor having  a minimum of 20 showrooms. Each showroom was stunning even if, side by side, they seemed to be coming from different worlds; there were some that shined and sparkled, some that were understated and elegant. While others screamed for attention with firework-like pops of color, we marched along – seeking only the ideal additions to continue to satisfy our passion for creating the perfect blend of nature and high-end home décor.

We left exhausted yet satisfied, our heads and bags (so many bags!!!) full of what we came for – ideas, inspirations and fun new additions for our store.

Needless to say, our workspace/studio has been HOPPING since we have returned. At this point, we are trying to keep up with ourselves and we are so looking forward to continue sharing with you.

Down To Earth

I usually hear this phrase at the end of someone’s celebrity-sighting story, as in, “She/He was so down to earth!!! This is said as though one had witnessed an unusual occurrence, an anomaly, or a private insight into who the celeb “really is.”  But what does it mean, exactly?

I looked it up, to check the origin of this phrase, aware that there are so many clichés and sayings that we use on a daily basis but do not know exactly what they mean. After searching for “down to earth,” I found that there really wasn’t a particular origin—just a few ideas that it came from a movie, and a few Urban Dictionary-type definitions suggesting that it means “someone who is not pretentious or affected, someone who is straightforward, simple in style.”

So, (ahem), due to the fact that I could not find a true origin or author to this phrase, I feel as though I have license to create my own, or at least give it a whirl amidst my rambling opinions. Therefore: what follows is this pedestrian’s definition of “down to earth.”

We are all here on this Earth, this terra firma. We are driving on it, we are walking on it (although we are walk mostly on cement that was poured on the earth); we are building on it; we are looking at it and taking pictures of it.  But how many of us are actually in contact with the earth itself on a given day?

When is the last time you actually touched dirt? Or pulled a weed and saw the intricate workings of the roots (weeds matter too…)? There is something that happens to us when we come in contact with the earth; the smell of the earth triggers something in us that is instinctive to all humans. We gain perspective and feel innately more connected. We are literally grounded when the soles of our feet touch the earth, and our souls are grounded as well. For one to be down to earth, it means you respect the earth; you understand its power, and are humbled by it. In nature, all is equal, and all is important. Therefore, you treat other people as though all are equals—no one better than another. You treat everyone and everything around you with respect.

Since, in my opinion, down to earth is a positive, not a negative, description of a type of person, I propose that the origin of this phrase came directly from someone who was describing none other than a…..


The farmer is one who tills the soil; one who is humbled by forces bigger and grander than he is. The farmer plants and cares for the seed, but the ultimate fate of that seed is left to sun and wind and rain; forces that are beyond the farmer’s control.

Creekside Farms is proud to be a farming family, passing down from generation to generation love and respect for this earth. It is a good thing to have our feet on the ground.

If you have a few minutes, here are some fun and interesting reads about the origins of some familiar phrases: http://theriflebird.com/people/have-you-ever-heard-the-term-piss-poor-i-had-no-idea-it-comes-from-this-fascinating/)

Our Favorite Guest

It got suddenly quiet in the office a few weeks ago. You would have thought a distinguished visitor had just walked through our front doors.  Someone reverently said “do you hear that?”.  After a few moments, we all exchanged smiles and got back to work, fingers on keyboards keeping time with raindrops. We had an inkling it was coming, of course, because Scott (youngest brother/farming division) keeps a close eye on the happenings in the sky, but with the dry spell we have been experiencing here in California, the rain is definitely a special guest. It is respected and celebrated and welcomed back any time. Through our big office windows, we have all had front row seats; watching the transformation of the hills surrounding us.  It’s kind of like rain is one of Nature’s photoshop tools…adding touches of green here and there and enhancing the colors.
If you are not a poetry type of person, you can stop reading now. The following is one of my favorites and I think of it every single time the world gets a bath.
I saw God wash the world last night
with His sweet showers on high,
and then, when morning came, I saw
Him hang it out to dry.
He washed each tiny blade of grass
and every trembling tree;
He flung His showers against the hill,
and swept the billowing seas.
The white rose is a cleaner white,
the red rose is more red,
since God washed every fragrant face
and put them all to bed.
There’s not a bird, there’s not a bee
that wings along the way
but is a cleaner bird or bee
than it was yesterday.
I saw God wash the world last night;
Ah, would He had washed me
As clean of all my dust and dirt
As that old white birch tree!
~William Stidger~
Just one of our views!