Farm Day 2018

“What’s the first thing you think of when someone mentions farming?” is one of the first questions Allen asks the new group of 3rd graders crowding up to our booth. Hands shoot up and eager children yell “cows!”, “tomatoes!”, “carrots!” “pigs!”

Approximately 4 groups of 25 3rd graders come through in waves every 10 minutes from 9:30am to noon during Creekside Farms’ 5th annual Farm Day.

Allen and Teri patiently explained that although we are farmers and our business is indeed farming, we grow product like flowers, herbs and broomcorn – not your usual South Monterey County farm fare. We enjoyed the delighted looks on their faces as we showed them our finished products – wreaths made of herbs, flowers, fresh rosemary and heather and our trademark lavender. They were able to sink their hands in a big bowl of lavender bud and tickle their noses with big bunches of fresh rosemary and dried summer savory.

We were thrilled to be included once again in this day devoted to sharing and teaching about agriculture in its various forms.  Farm Day is a program that brings together business, industry, community and education to benefit third grade students. The hands on demonstrations and the information provided gives students an opportunity to be exposed to all the various aspects of agriculture.


The Results!

As the Holiday Season draws to a full close, we are able to sit back (for a moment) and enjoy the fruits of all the labor.  Fruits like the image below from one of our customers. We love this photo and how she decorated and “blinged out” one of our Holiday Magnolia and Fir garlands.  Butterflies even!

Dirt Is Beautiful Too


Dirt is a farmer’s canvas.

As we look at this recently disked patch of land, we feel excited and grateful.  We see what can be and what will be as we plan to plant.  The quality of the dirt is one of our highest priorities and one of the ways we prepare it is by adding compost or gypsum to loosen the soil and help with drainage.

You think our Big Green Tractor is s…er…simply amazing?  We think so too and yes, it goes slow and we can make it go faster.

Next time you see a big, smooth(ish) patch of dirt, try looking at it through a farmer’s eye and you’ll see abundant potential and beauty.

Autumn is in Full Fall Swing

Since we can’t call ourselves “elves” yet, we aren’t sure what name we should use for ourselves at this time of year as we are preparing and making and sending wreaths just in time for Thanksgiving!  Our Fresh and Fragrant Wreath (see featured image) is a big hit again this year, a perfect combination of fragrant fresh eucalyptus, preserved fall leaves, wheat, dried cherry peppers (they look like mini pumpkins to me), yarrow and sweet annie – all woven together to create a hullabaloo of scent and color.

We can feel the Holidays approaching and the buzz of excitement is contagious.

Happy Holidays!



Happy Autumn, Fields and Friends!

A Farm Tour
Waist high dill
Dill Harvest
Scott was surprised by an impromptu song of “Happy Birthday” and a gift of champagne!


Relay For Life 2017

For those of you who don’t know about the fundraiser called “Relay For Life”, it began in 1985 when Dr. Gordy Klatt walked for 24 hours straight to raise awareness and money for our fight against cancer. Since then, the passion for this cause has lit fires all over the world, becoming the largest fundraiser for cancer research.

The symbolism of walking all night brings very close to home the heart wrenching fact that cancer never sleeps. Relaying between team members signifies that we are all in it together, supporting and doing whatever we can.

We almost can’t believe that 2017’s Relay For Life has already come and gone and that we are already “remembering”.

It was a beautiful day and night and ended up cooling off more than we had thought it would. We held a silent auction for one of our wreaths, won by a local member of our community and one of our own team members won our raffle prize (NOT rigged – we promise!!).

Here are some pictures of Creekside Farms’ 5th year of participation.

Waiting for the butterfly release to happen.
Some of the family all set up and ready to start walking!
Relay Raiders!
And they’re off!
Good vibes and visiting during our walk
Starting them young – never too early!
Smiles for Miles
Lucky little one with some shade!
Best of Friends Forever

Heat Waving from Central California

The temperatures soared for us here in the last few weeks. We went into conservation mode and started opening windows in the office early in the morning and closing everything up when we started to feel the heat creeping in. We worked in the office with the lights mostly off (our windows provide beautiful natural light). If you have a naturally lit office space, we suggest you try this sometime  ~ once the eyes adjust, it actually provides an effective calming ambience to the office day.

On a brighter, more colorful note ~ Look what the sun did for our zinnias!!

I can’t even…..the cuteness is overwhelming.